Canada, our good looking neighbor, is so close that we can pass a hot pie fresh out of the oven from one kitchen window to the next, but we still need a passport to visit each other. Where does a Mainer get a passport? I had to renew mine to take The Cat Ferry to Nova Scotia. I got mine right at the Forest Ave. Post Office, they even took my picture and mailed it out for me. My new passport arrived in the mail a couple weeks later.

Here are some need-to-knows about applying from

You must show up in person if:

  • It's your first passport
  • the one that you have was issued over 15 years ago
  • you have no supporting documents for a name change
  • your last one was lost or danaged
  • the passport is for a child under 16

To get a passport for your child:

  • the child and both parents must be present or provide written consent from a missing parent
  • proof of relation to the child

You can renew a passport by mail if:

  • it's undamaged
  • was issued less than 15 minutes ago
  • your name hasn't changed
  • you were over 16 when you got it

Get all the details at

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