Nova Scotia

How I Met Pee Wee Herman On The Cat Ferry [Pics]
This lady was holding a Pee Wee Herman doll and taking pictures over his shoulder. Everyone was staring, but nobody had the nerve to ask her what was happening. Except for me. It was kind of weird, and weird is sort of my thing.
Packing For The Cat Ferry, How Mainah's Get a Passport
Canada, our good looking neighbor, is so close that we can pass a hot pie fresh out of the oven from one kitchen window to the next, but we still need a passport to visit each other. Where does a Mainer get a passport? I had to renew mine to take The Cat Ferry to Nova Scotia.
Welcome Snack in Nova Scotia!
The Shanty Cafe isn't just a restaurant, it's a social enterprise that provides meaningful employment to people of all abilities. This is Michael, he met us at the ferry terminal with fragrant, hot international food. Michael is passionate about their philosophy regarding their employ…
Meet The Talented and Super Good Looking Crew of The Cat!
This is Capt. Matthew Burns. He is not a model, he is the real Captain of The Cat, and has been for two years. Captain is from Lake Tahoe, California and is as nice as he is good looking. Not to mention that super capable brain under that head of perfect hair...

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