Traveling is interesting because I enjoy trying local foods. I've eaten fried larvae and fish eyes in Thailand, swallowed tequila worms in Mexico and enjoyed cachapas in Venezuela. When my friend Calvin suggested that I try a local Nova Scotia /Acadian Shores delicacy I agreed right away. Maybe I should have considered a little bit longer before jumping into a jar of Solomon Gundy.

Here is my honest review of pickled herring:

The first bite was surprisingly sweet and the jar was nicely chilled, which makes everything taste better. As soon as I announced that it wasn't so bad, the vinegar kicked in and made my eyes cross and water. As I continued to chew, the fish showed up. Suddenly the bite seemed enormous and impossible to swallow. I have never spent so much time chewing a piece of fish.

My takeaways:

  • Pickled herring looks worse than it tastes
  • A small bite would be perfect on a cracker
  • Trying foods when you travel is important
  • Do NOT say, "GROSS!" when tasting a local delicacy
  • Always have a wine chaser handy
  • Enjoy the moment

What is the most interesting food that you've tried while traveling? Comment on our Fan Page.

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