Donna Colello from Ocean Avenue Elementary School and is in the running for national Custodian on the Year.


Donna's story is inspiring and her reputation is why she is up for Custodian of the Year. She's been in Portland schools for 25 years. She started out part-time as a single mom. She worked hard and persevered and has become a favorite of staff and students.

Donna Colello

WMTW 8 reported that the principal of Ocean Avenue School, Beverly Stevens, believes she is the best in the country and that there just isn't anyone like her. It's a pretty big honor and Donna is one of only two women in the top 10!

When the pandemic hit, that's when Donna was at her best. She was ready with answers to problems and situations that they've never had before. If there was a postive case, Donna was there to sanitize the space. A pretty scary role that most of us can only imagine. But Donna lived it with her crew!

Donna Colello


Donna loves Portland and her job and realizes that she is making a huge difference. She has become incredibly essential and takes her responsibility very seriously. But the part that makes her a favorite, is that she is always positive, even during the hard times.

Donna could win 10,000 dollars and her school a 5,000 dollar makeover! Donna from little ol' Portland Maine is up against some big states with lots of people who can vote - so lets say thank you to Donna for her 25 years and VOTE FOR HER!


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