Last week, our pals at Bull Moose put together a fake commercial in celebration of April Fool's Day that has us all wanting it to actually be a thing! The beloved Maine commercial jingles that we've grown up all in one wicked compilation.

These are the cherished little ditties we find ourselves just randomly singing sometimes while we're getting ready for work in the morning. The great thing is. Many of these jingles that we heard growing up, are still being used today.

And now, we can get them all in one mellifluous collection. Everything from Green Mountain Furniture to Oakhurst to Marden's and more is here. Except we can't. Because, April Fool's...Dammit!! This needs to be real!

Bull Moose says,

"We are excited to announce The first EVER collection of Maine commercial jingles to be available soon on CD, cassette, and limited edition "Black Fly" black vinyl. We've hand selected 20 of the most unforgettable tracks to be included in this very special collection we're calling Pure Maine."

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