Mainers Who Inspire Maine-Jeff Shaw From MAMM
Out first Mainers Who Inspires Maine is Jeff Shaw founder and Executive Director of the non-profit Maine Academy of Music. Jeff and his team have been inspiring the musical talents of Maine kids for over 17 years. Think of MAMM as Maine's statewide School of Rock.
MAMM Offers Free Music Lessons To Children of Essential Workers
We love hearing about all the GOOD NEWS that is out there these days. And we love what our great friends at MAMM-The Maine Academy of Modern Music are doing for kids of our essential workers. A FREE music lesson. Think of MAMM as Maine's School of Rock! MAMM is one of the fastest-growing non-pr…
MAMM Helps Maine Kids Rock…Online
The Maine Academy of Modern Music is one of the fastest-growing non-profits in Maine. Think of it as Maine's School of Rock. And in true rock and roll fashion, MAMM is making sure that NOTHING stops these kids from rocking out and making music with remote lessons.
It’s “Girls Rock!” Weekend in Portland
The Maine Academy of Modern Music is basically Maine's "School of Rock." The organization has become of the fastest-growing and most successful nonprofits in Maine. And one of the coolest things about MAMM is that huge amount of girls take part in the numerous camps, bands, lessons, a…
MAMM SLAM 2018- The Maine High School Rock Off Is Back
Maine's annual High School ROCK OFF is back. It's MAMM SLAM and it's put on by our great friends at the Maine Academy of Modern Music. This is a great way for young musicians to show their stuff and get some valuable experience along the way. Hey, it's a long way to the top if yo…
MAMM Open House
Want to get your kid started on the path to rock (and life) greatness? Get them involved in the Maine Academy of Modern Music! Their Open House is this Saturday and you and your kids will love it.
Free MAMM Concert Thursday
We had a BLAST at the Old Port Festival hosting the MAMM Stage. MAMM is the Maine Academy of Modern Music. These kids ROCKED the OPF and they're just warming up for the summer!  MAMM is hosting a ton of great music camps all over the State this summer...

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