After intensely training for the World Cup, Croatia lost to Brazil in the first match. Sad for Croatia. But it's hard to keep good men down! They made the most of it by going back to their resort and skinny dipping together. The lady pictured above is psyched! Buzzfeed brings us this uplifting sports story! In a related event, had dinner with a couple of friends from high school last week and we reminisced about skinny dipping and pool hopping. Did you/do you, have a favorite skinny dipping spot, or a story to share? Tell us about your adventures on our Facebook Fan Page #skinnydipstory, or tweet us. Summer's here and the time is right!

Anyone find a pink and white striped O.P. bikini in the Biddeford Pool dunes back in 1986? Checking.


The ultimate skinny dipping song...

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