30 years ago, David Lee Roth returned to the Civic Center for the second time as a solo artist. 

Diamond Dave arrived in Portland on March 29, 1988 on the Skyscraper World Tour. Skyscraper was the second and last album with his superhuman line-up of Steve Vai on guitar, Gregg Bissonette on drums and Billy Sheehan on bass guitar. Gregg's brother Matt played bass in videos and on the tour, replacing Billy Sheehan after he left to form Mr. Big. WBLM was spinning the new song, Just Like Paradise. This album also gave us the Blimpville favorite, Damn Good. The opening band that night was Faster Pussycat.

We can't find the set list for this Portland show. But they did play down the road in Providence the next night. We feel like chances are pretty good that the song line-up at the CCCC show was close to this.


The following month the Skyscraper Tour returned to New England at the Centrum in Worcester. Here's some real good quality fan footage of the ENTIRE show!

So when's that Eat 'Em and Smile-apres-Van Halen-supergroup reunion gonna happen? If Dave's vocals are up for it, we're still waiting over here.

Check out the original video for Just Like Paradise featuring Dave doing some insane rock-climbing!

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