Whether you've voted already in this election or plan to on the way home tonight, there is something most all of us have in common. And that is, being wicked confused by the wording of questions on the ballot.

Maine's King of Comedy Bob Marley just posted another ridiculous selfie vid on his Facebook page and he's as mystified year after year by 'em too

Okay so picking who you want as Guvnah or Senatah and so on, we can usually get through that pretty well. But those questions give us anxiety like a word problem in sophomore math class, right?

It's great to know we're not alone. Here come Uncle Bobby just back from his civic duty with a hilarious take on being perplexed by bond issues and whatnot.

Make sure you watch it till the end to see how Bob likes to mess with people as he peeks out of that little curtain.

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