The adventurous new Maine mini-series 'From Away' aired it's first season last spring on Portland's Fox 23. Brunswick native Teagan Wright took us all over Vacationland to visit the folks that help make our state the best place on Earth.

And this guy does it all, creating directing and hosting the show. Not only does he host, he gets right into the dirty work along with the people he features.  The idea of putting a TV show Facebook is working out great for Mike Rowe with 'Returning the Favor' (another host who's not afraid to get dirty).

So, hopefully this will be a successful way of getting people to watch this cool series too. If you like it, share it with your friends From Maine and From Away!

The latest episode takes us behind the scenes at Swan's Honey. We'll learn everything from collecting honeycombs in the field to extracting that heavenly sticky stuff. Frickin' sweet, guy!

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