Let me tell you about how I met one of my best friends, because this is a classic bonding story. When Sabelle was probably 3, a new girl joined class. She was perfectly dressed and was the only other kid besides mine that was not "allowed" to have "school lunch". I sent her to day care every day with a healthy lunch and healthy snacks. She and her new friend, Megan, were on the outside looking in. Both denied fish sticks, chicken nuggets, Smart Food and Gold Fish. They cried together through lunch every day and eventually became the best of friends. I didn't see Megan's mom much, we were on different pick up schedules, but I always felt her to be a kindred spirit because her child ate vegetables too, and truth be told, maybe we were both a bit neurotic about our first and only babies. One glorious afternoon with 30 bucks burning a hole in my pocket, I hit up one of my favorite places on the planet, ChristmasTree Shops! Now, realize that it was fairly new at the time and that it had been built up to mythical standards by my mother who had discovered it first in North Conway. I thought Reny's was a treat, well it is but...holy smokes! This place is off the chain! I don't even know what that means, I heard it in 1992 and it stuck. Anyway...I was lost in the land of, "Things That I Do Not Need", when I recognized Megan's mom! Her cart was overflowing with amazing finds! Where did you get this? Where did you get that? Next thing we knew, we were full out shopping together! AND IT NEVER ENDED! Holly and I bonded over Christmas Tree Shops and we are still together all these years later! I have "shopped" with strangers before, asking for an opinion or giving my own, but this was different. She started calling me with online coupon information! Also, I met my husband at a NAPA remote in Westbrook, so keep your eyes open at your local retailers because you might just find your best friend or the love of your life!

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Love you Lucy!