My wife has absolutely no desire to go grocery shopping on the weekend. Oddly enough, I find it kind of relaxing. Except when there is an item on the list that isn't specifically described.

For instance, she might put spaghetti on there. I get to the pasta aisle. Now the question I get the thin or the regular, the long or the short? What brand? So many choices! It can sometimes be pretty overwhelming trying to decide which one she wants you to put in cart. So much for a trip to grocery store being a zen experience.

Maine's King of Comedy Bob Marley has been doing a series of hilarious Facebook selfie videos this month tackling topics ranging from the agony of apple picking to mass squirrel roadkill. This weekend's video might be the the best one so far!

Watch as Bob tells the story of a recent mission to be a good husband and bravely get a box of feminine hygiene products. Will he get the right thing?

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