Beatles Action Figures

I grew up going to weekend flea markets, and to this day it is my favorite way to spend a Sunday. I have found innumerable treasures,but I also have an eye for the bizarre stuff too! I went to the Southern Maine Indoor Flea Market in Scarborough recently. I spied a few things for my co-workers, like this fantabulous "Yellow Submarine" action set for Captain!

And this Elvis "Blue Christmas" Cocoa Set for Tommy C.!

Elvis Blue Christmas Cocoa Set

And now, let's bring on the Maine weird!

Looking for a York Beach momento?

York Beach momento

Me neither. But what about...some new(ish) underwear?!

underwear sign

No? K...then maybe...a frame with a picture of a guy in his bathrobe showing off his new gift from Santa?!

frame with picture

Do you think the dude knows that his mom is trying to sell this at a Flea Market?!

Speaking of personal items, if a photo of a stranger in his bed clothes is not intimate enough for you, maybe adopting someone's beloved pet will be.

taxidermy cat

That's a real cat that I almost scratched behind the ears. If that didn't totally freak you out, this will...

creepy baby doll

I'm pretty certain that my iphone is now possessed by the entity in this doll. I think it stole her black soul when I took the picture. I keep dialing the wrong number. Coincidence? I think not!

I did buy a couple of old, kinda' naughty comic books, a box of Lincoln Logs to make art out of and two lobster paddle ball thingies for my girls to play with. They did not come with eye patches. Maybe I'll find those at Cliff's next week.

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See you at Cascade Flea Market next weekend!





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