If you haven't seen Maine's King of Comedy Bob Marley's latest video series on Facebook, check out the new one he did today.

Uncle Bobby hilariously relates what we are all likely feeling when we are faced with prospect of waiting in a long line to get into a store.

If you only need an item or two, you'll probably think twice about how important it is to get them right now.

Maybe a little miracle of no line or a way shorter line will come your way and you can try again.

You see, Bob "desperately needs toothpaste". He's checking in with us from 'upta camp' where he's hoping there will be a tube he can use that's still there from last time.

Bob finds toothpaste alright. However, are there any caps on them to keep it fresh? Doubt it.

He finds an ancient treasure in the cabin bathroom too that'll make you "smell like a $4 hooker."

Remember kids, "If you use the toothpaste, cap it!"

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