As I sit here typing away on the keyboard, I am realizing that my feet resting on the floor beneath my desk are frickin' freezin'. It seems that even with the thermostat set to 70, we can't keep that chill in our bones away. The below normal December temperatures are really starting bum us out up heah. You know it's bad when we're excited that the high will 30 today.

It's been pretty dull weather lately with no excitement of snowstorms. We'll take it though, cause that means a nice break from all that shoveling we did in November.

That could change soon according to a post on NewsCenter Maine meteorologist Keith Carson's Facebook page this morning.

So as we keep adding the extra layers this week, let's crank up the most requested song about the cold from the WBLM Morning Show! This very funny winter weather classic comes to us from our friend Eben Clukey. He is also responsible for the tourist season masterpiece, Mr. Man along with writing and performing The Blimp That Saved Christmas with the WBLM Band.

Eben is originally from Massachusetts, but he's been in Maine plenty long enough to get it like we do. He brilliantly and hilariously observes the suffering we endure living in the Pine Tree State. And to think, we're still a over a week away from the official first day of winter. Yikes!

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