WBLM Morning Show

It Was So Good to Hear Mainers Laugh When We Told This Dirty Joke
These days we just need a good laugh. Nothing heavy or with deep social meaning. Sometimes you just need to hear a filthy, filthy, dirty joke. And that's exactly what we did this morning. Now, the punchline is wayyyyy to dirty to say on the air so we had listeners call in to the studio to hear …
Blimp Time-Hop: 1st Def Lep Show In Portland of the Century
19 years ago today, Def Leppard returned to Portland for a sold-out show at the Civic Center to bring us into the new millennium. The WBLM Morning Show officiated a wedding ceremony of two loyal Blimpsters on stage. How 'bout that for an epic celebration of love around Valentines Day? Congrats…
Tis the Season in Maine for Frickin’ Freezin’
Friday we had the coldest morning so far this season and maybe it'll climb up to the low 30s this weekend. So as we keep adding the extra layers, let's crank up the most requested winter weather song from the WBLM Morning Show!

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