It was epic radio this morning on the Blimp as we said goodbye to Brian James. After 33 years, the Guru is hanging up his WBLM headphones. Today he joined the Captain and Celeste for an amazing final show. There were lots of tears, and stories with Brian hanging out with Jimmy Page, the Black Crowes, AC/DC, etc. Blimpsters called in with thanks and their great Guru stories.

Check out the Guru Send Off With the WBLM Morning Show On Demand:

Brian grew up listening to WBLM in Central Maine, and that's where he is now headed. Brian and his wonderful wife Sherry are moving back to their old stomping grounds. Closer to family and the Maine he grew up with. If we've learned anything over the past 17 months, it's that you can't postpone doing the things, and being with the people, that you love the most.

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As sad as we are that Brian is hanging up his headphones on WBLM, we are happy for him and the next chapter of his life. So go forth, Guru! You leave as one of the true WBLM Legends. Passionate about the Music and the Mainers you have met and rocked along the way.

A born performer and the pride of Cony High School, Brian loved the spotlight at an early age. So look out, Cony; Brian is back in town!




We found some old pictures in the Blimp Archives of our dear friend and wanted to share them with you on his last day. 

Here's an old pic of Brian with the man that hired him, Jose Diaz. They are hanging out with the great Melissa Etheridge. Over his 33 years at WBLM, Brian has met just about every rock star you can imagine.



Here's the Guru with Van Halen when he MC'd the Monsters of Rock show at Oxford Plains Speedway.! Ask him about THAT one...




Thanks to this fabulous lady for all the years as well, Brian's beautiful wife, Sherry. Mrs. Guru!




Brian started in 1987....can you tell by the hair? He's in the upper right corner with Cinderella and some WBLM contest winners.





Brian not only played rock and roll for you on WBLM, but he also sang some screaming rock and roll for you as well. Here he is fronting the WBLM Band at the Old Port Festival.




With the Skynyrd boys...he's an honorary Van Zant, you know.




Here's one from the '90s at the Blimp Studios at One City Center. Check out the 8-track type cart tapes in the background.


gu8 90'as


Cheers to you, Brian, and thank you for all the years, cheers, and beers. Good luck to you, our Blimp brother forever, Brian James.

"Let your life proceed by its own design"-Grateful Dead.



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