This year's Memorial Day weekend travelers are likely to be mostly folks from Maine.

That being said, the Maine Turnpike Authority predicts "Memorial Day Weekend traffic will be light this year."

But with the kick-off of summertime in Vacationland back again, we gotta believe things are gonna get pretty backed up here and there. Mainers are more than ready to get out and enjoy a well deserved and safe staycation.

For those of you still on the clock who may be driving a big rig while the rest of us load up the SUV and jam the highways to our warmer weather retreats, this funny Maine song is for you. To our truckers, thanks for all you do.

Many summers ago the WBLM Morning Show played a rap song for the very first time. No it wasn't by Biggie, Snoop or Tupac. It was created by a very funny and talented New Englander named, Eben who was kind enough to send it to way back when.

"Mr. Man" is a Maine truck driver frustrated that he's stuck on the road (probably Route One) behind friggin' tourists!  Crisesakes! He needs to get home in time for suppah with muthah!

You really gotta see this fan-made video. It features a slideshow of hilarious Maine images to go along with song.

The best part may be during the quick musical interlude in the middle which simply spotlights a Maine potato. Happy Summah, Blimpville!

Watch out or you'll get an assfull of Peterbilt.  Make way fuh Mistah Man!

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