According an article on the Big Seven Travel website, the Maine accent made it to the Top 5 on a list of the sexiest in the country. Apparently saying stuff like "Wicked Bub"  aren't just funny to the rest of the world, they're actually a turn-on.  So, Maine lands at number 4 with this description of our beloved and now dead-sexy vernacular.

"The Maine accent is surprisingly popular, ayuh! If you’re a real “Mainah”, you’ll drop your ‘r’s, go to “yoger” class instead of yoga and add in wicked to make every adjective extra powerful."

Texas was number one, followed by Boston at number 2 and New York at number 3.

With this news spreading this week, we thought we'd dig out a truly authentic Downeast Maine accent explaining the difference between 'cons and calluses' to get some seduction goin'.


Here's another example of our steamy accent in it's common environment.


And these fellas should be scoring big time now! Too bad everybody loses their accent when they sing though.

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