This is Capt. Matthew Burns. He is not a model, he is the real Captain of The Cat, and has been for two years. Captain is from Lake Tahoe, California and is as nice as he is good looking. Not to mention that super capable brain under that head of perfect hair! The console that he's standing in front of helps him park The Cat when we come into port. Can I get one of those for parking my SUV?

This is Chief Engineer, Jake from Readfield, Maine! Again with the brains! These people were actually working and still made time for us to say hello.

Gretchen is the Second Officer. She was very warm and friendly, but you also get a bad-ass vibe from her. My kind of girl.

I loved spotting something familiar on the bridge. This is the same coffee cup that I drink from in the Blimp studio! Nothin' finah'!

The Cat has an amazing crew. It was a pleasure sailing with you!

This a a real nautical chart! I asked Captain Burns if I could draw an X on it and make it look like a pirate map but he politely said no. I knew he would break my heart...

Thank you to the crew on the bridge of The Cat for letting us come in and see what you do. It really is impressive!