This flanneled funnyman is from the fictional and "underappreciated town of Frost Heaves", New Hampshire. His name is "Fred Marple" and he has quite a knack for knowing what frustrates us here in the Northeast.

In past videos, he has hilariously complained about everything from leaf peeping tourists to tangled holiday lights to snow in the spring.

We first featured an infomercial parody that he and some friends did a few years ago promoting the Yoga for Yankees exercise DVD. We've been big fans of this fella from 'Frost Heaves' ever since.

His Yankee delivery is about as authentic as it gets and he keeps the humor clean. My Nana would definitely approve.

In Fred's latest video he sings and observes the absurdity of Pumpkin Spice being everywhere we look this time of year.

Even more preposterous are the unthinkable items that Pumpkin Spice shows up in these days.

He points out that pie and bread is fine, "but when it's where it don't belong" like in a milkshake or cough drops, he's out.


I am with you, Fred. I certainly don't mind a little pumpkin spice in my coffee but never would I dip my tortilla chip in pumpkin spice salsa. Ewww. The ridiculous array of products that you have exposed here is out of control.

Fred Marple is played by Ken Sheldon. Ken has done a fantastically funny job with this music video and it looks like he covered every offending item.

He sings it to the  instrumental version of "Love Is All Around" by The Troggs.

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