It's been a while since we've had to shovel the driveway. That's definitely not a complaint from me. I'm confident that not that many of us really mind the lack of the extra work we all suffer whenever there's a storm. That could change Thursday into Friday.

Word is, the groundhog didn't see his shadow which traditionally predicts an early Spring. With the milder temperatures lately, that sure does feel like a strong possibility...right. But hold on, my nana always reminded me that February is traditionally the snowiest month. It doesn't seem like we should be too quick to stick a fork in winter just yet.

According to the National Weather Service in Gray, we should expect a storm that will make for a messy ride to work on Thursday morning.

Like it or not, the Stahm Centah theme song will be playing again on Channel 6 before we know it...preparing us Mainahs for "Snow, Sleet, Rain...Whatevah!"


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