The clues? "There's two of them." That would be TC' in Tommy C and Tom Caron. And the other clue? Blue Devil. As in the Lewiston High School Blue Devils. The proud alma mater of our great friend from NESN, Tom Caron! We had our first installment of "Captain and Celeste's Mystery Zoom" and we figured we would start with someone who knows what the hell they are doing on camera. It was so great to catch up with Tom on such topics as:

  • What it's like broadcasting for NESN nightly from his basement
  • Will the Red Sox play in 2020?
  • What time Happy Hour comes
  • The NFL Draft
  • The contrast in the camera setups between Celeste and Tom
  • What athletes are doing with nothing to do
  • Celeste's amazing Nest Chair!
  • The new Patriots uniforms
  • Tom's flowing hair. 
  • Getting through this Zoom call with Celeste's dog barking and the lawn guy mowing past Tom's window.

This Zoom call may win an award if they ever have award shows for Zoom calls. And they will. Enjoy and thank you, Tom Caron. Maine loves ya!




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