It was a busy bust morning on the WBLM Morning Show. Celeste and I decided that we would go in on a ticket with listeners for the 750 million dollar jackpot being drawn tonite. If Celeste and I split that with four other people, we're looking at around 90 million dollars apiece. Thanks to our three listeners who are in with us. We can't wait to frickin zillionaires with them! We decided to save one spot for our great friend, NESN's Tom Caron. Tom picked the number 17 as it is his birthdate. We allowed Tom in our pool on the condition that he does not quit his job at NESN if he wins.  Tom is a New England Treasure and should be protected at all costs.TC did tell us some funny stories on what other NESN employees would do if they hit the Mega Millions. Check out the interview with me and Celeste right here. Things really get silly when Tom and Celeste talk about the things THEY would do if...excuse me...WHEN....we win the Mega Millions!






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