NESN's Tom Caron joined us this morning on the WBLM Morning Show. Things started out pretty smart and sophisticated by talking about the social ramifications of the COVID crises in Sports. In ended with Captain and Tom espousing the joys of being able to take "pit stops" on the side of the road. Celeste (and Mrs. Caron it seems) were not amused and recused themselves from the conversation. THEY kept it classy.

Other than all the bathroom humor, we did actually get to some sports, including:

  • How amazing it is that Baseball, Hockey and Basketball have gotten through their seasons relatively unscathed. TC tells is why he is worried about NFL Football

You can hear the whole segment with Tom Caron here:


Don't forget, WBLM has the Patriots-Chiefs game on Sunday. Pregame at 10am and kick off at 1pm, live from Kansas City. WBLM Morning Show Prediction: Pats 24-Chiefs 17

We loved Tom's tweet to Topps Baseball Cards this week!



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