We are one week into MLB baseball and already 20% of the teams are sidelined. Another team can't go back to their home country (Blue Jays). Just great. And don't get me started on how the Sox actually played this week. Thank goodness the Celtics and the Bruins get going this weekend! We checked in with New England's Number One Sportscaster, Mr. Tom Caron, who has the weekend off from NESN and is psyched to hang out lakeside in Maine. Tom tackled some key sports issues today:

  • The Sox pitching. Ugh.
  • How the BRUINS and the NHL have the best chance, of all major sports leagues, to get all the way through its season. Think Bubble and Canada. Tom will explain
  • Why Celeste should be able to take off as much vacation as she wants!

Listen to The Captain and Tom Caron this past week on the WBLM Morning Show:





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