The great Bob Socci called into the Captain and Celeste this morning to discuss the tough road win against the Eagles yesterday. Bob does the play by play for us and has become one of the legendary voices of New England and the NFL. So far, he's called FOUR Patriots Super Bowls on the radio.


Listen to Patriots Play by Play man Bob Socci on the gritty Patriots Win in Philly


Bob also gave us the scoop on some personal news. Bob is going to run the Boston Marathon in 2020. And he's doing it for a great cause. Well done Bob Socci!



Some pics of Bob's journey to Philadelphia.


Tom Brady did not look happy even after the win.



More Patriot player reactions from the locker room. The Pats are back home on Sunday with a 4:25 pm game against the Dallas Cowboys. You'll hear the game right here on WBLM.



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