With Halloween in Maine less than two weeks away, let's do something more than just consume mass quantities of pumpkin-spiced whatevah to celebrate the season.  How about listening to terrifying tales in the darkness of a 350 year old cemetery in the historic East End of Portland?

Do you dare to commune at this historic burial ground for spine-chilling stories from Spirits Alive? They are a non-profit dedicated to preserving the heritage of Eastern Cemetery on Congress Street.

According to their website this is

"the oldest historic landscape in the city, the cemetery is home to around 4,000 interred."

Starting tonight at 6:30, you can join a haunted walk and listen to supernatural legends told by ghostly actors portraying the dead. The "Walk Among the Shadows" happens Thursday through Saturday nights (Sundays at starting at 5:30) till October 28.

"For 8 dark nights, 6 ghostly storytellers, some buried at Eastern Cemetery, will materialize in the cemetery to tell their own scandalous stories.

The stories were written by Lynne Cullen who also directed the spirits (as best she could—you know spirits, sometimes they listen, sometimes they don't.)"

You can get tickets ahead of time online or at the gate for 10 bucks. It's just 5 bucks for 12 and under.


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