Every Halloween season a horde of zombies from Avant Dance in Westbrook converge  to "terrorize y'all's neighborhood" at Congress Square Park in Portland.

For the 7th year, the Throwdown is back on Friday October 25.

The dance team recreates the undead choreography seen in the legendary video for Michael Jackson's "Thriller".

When we get out work on Friday, dozens of zombies will be bustin' out some sick moves.

They will infect the Portland peninsula complete with gruesome makeup, and creepy costumes.

It's the annual Thriller Throwdown to get us in the spirit of Halloween.

The thrillah chillah flash mob strikes fear once again into the heart of Portland 5:30p to around 6:00p.

For many years, the dead man's party was held on Monument Square.  It returns to Congress Square for the third year.





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