Tomorrow our wicked good buddy and local TV Stah, Teagan Wright is back on the WBLM Morning Show.

He'll be in to dub around live in the studio with the Captain and Celeste along with reminding us to watch the second episode of the Maine adventure/travel show From Away. That one airs this Saturday night at 7:30 on WPXT Maine's CW.

From Away via Facebook

Teagan will do some fun Mainah trivia type stuff on BLM in the morning. He'll also likely chat about the CMP Corridor video he just released that's getting shared like crazy all over Maine.

Tune into tomorrow around 7:45am for some laughs with Teagan Wright and the Captain and Celeste right here aboard the Rock and Roll Blimp!

We love this friggin' nut. Just look at him, bub.

Teagan Wright From Away via Facebook