We checked in this morning with the Pride of Lewiston High School...NESN's Tom Caron. There is a lot "pending" when it comes to sports these days. The Red Sox opening day is next Friday. The NFL rookies are supposed to show up at training camp on Monday but the NFL has given the players zero direction on the protocol.  The Bruins are at training camp and getting ready for the Stanley Cup Playoffs playing someone in Toronto. And the Celtics are in the "bubble" in Orlando getting ready to attempt the NBA season. WOW.  TC covered it all for us,  including:

  • What Jackie Bradley Jr should name his baby...Jackie Bradley Junior Junior?
  • If Jason Varitek will continue to umpire Red Sox games
  • What the NFL will (or will not) do with 72 players testing positive for COVID-19.
  • If the Blue Jays will be allowed into the US to play exhibition games with the Sox
  • Why kids should go back to school on Sox Opening Day next Friday
  • PLUS-Tom's 100% guaranteed prediction that he gave Jerry Remy for the Red Sox Opening Day next Friday against the Orioles.

Listen to the interview here for Tom's hot take on all these New England Sports issues, plus much more!





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