Last month was one of the warmest Octobers evah. Now, November is about to change all that. You thought the 40s felt cold, huh. Get ready to head into the deep freeze with high temps only getting to the upper 20s maybe low 30s as we head into the weekend on Friday. Friggin' brrrrr! We've seen fellow Mainahs break out the hats and gloves left and right already. Those of us winter gear holdouts will likely surrender very soon.

Check out these ridiculous temps we'll wakin' up to on Saturday morning!

Our friends up North might even see some snow accumulation!

The mild temps this Fall have lulled us into thinking maybe it'll stay that way. Wicked doubtful. No worries. This is Maine and we'll tough it out once again. "Snow, Sleet, Rain...Whatevah!"

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