Because of COVID, there were no Inauguration Balls last night in Washington, DC. Instead, there was a huge concert. And who else would you get to host an Inauguration Concert than Mr. Tom Hanks. A national treasure who should be protected at all costs, Tom did a marvelous job alone there on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. This was a pretty good show if you are a Blimp listener. Springsteen. Bon Jovi. Foo Fighters. Nice to see the rockers well represented! Performances came in from all over the country while Tom held things down at the National Mall. By night's end, he looked pretty cold. My guess is he is glad the nation's capital is not in Maine!

This morning, Captain and Celeste shared a moment that no one saw or heard last night from Tom Hanks. This is the soundcheck/mic check right before he went on TV in front of millions of people. You can hear that even under all the stress of being live for such a historic occasion that Tom was cool as a cucumber.  You'll hear him marvel at the lights over the Lincoln Memorial. How panic-free he is when he misplaces his gloves. Some funny banter about Godzilla attacking DC. Charming as ever. I guess he really is as nice off mic as he is on mic. We love ya Hanx!

Check out the Hanks Mic Check right here:


Did you catch the "Sibilance" in his mic check? A nice reference from this Saturday Night Live bit he did with Aerosmith and Wayne's World when he played Garh's roadie cousin:



Sorry, no hot mic check from Bruce-just an inspiring rendition of his song "Land of Hope and Dreams".


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