Do you remember this classic Blimp TV commercial from 2005?

The TV spot was the brainchild of one of our favorite guys in the entire world, the genius that is Kurt Squiers. He was our AC/DC guy, and when we hired him to do a TV spot for us there was no doubt what band we were going to use. The mighty AC/DC.

Kurt brought it all to the next level when he suggested that the typical Maine Man would be a reflection of  AC/DC guitar wizard, Angus Young. Schoolboy uniform and all!

We had a blast putting this together although Kurt and I argued about which AC/DC song to use.

I think I wanted " You Shook Me All Night Long." Kurt wanted "Back In Black." Kurt was 100% right. It was a perfect choice.

We shot the first part in the Blimp studios with Celeste and me. We had to do hair, makeup, and the whole fancy TV thing. Celeste can roll with that as she is a goddess but I was a fish out of water.

After the studio shoot, we went to an undisclosed neighborhood in South Portland (which means we never asked for permission) to do all the outdoor and driveway scenes. The indoor bathroom and kitchen scenes were done somewhere in Scarborough as I remember.

One question we get is if the people in the TV spot were a real family. Nope. In true TV commercial fashion, these people were strangers to each other! They all did a great job as our little Blimp Family.

My God, that little girl must be in her twenties my now!

I still love this TV spot to this day. WBLM really is "The Rock You Live On." Now more than ever Classic Rock is our constant. Getting us through the good times and the bad times. These songs are a part of us and that's what makes them CLASSICS. Just like you!

Here's the TV commercial. The end is still so funny and I think the message still rings true to this day. Classic Rock is STILL the Rock You Live On.


Thank You Kurt Squiers for putting this together. We Salute You! Check out Kurt's awesome AC/DC podcast


Classic Maine TV Commercial From the 80's

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