Celeste and I have made a New Year's Resolution. No, it's not more exercise or a dry January. It's not eating more healthy or spending more time with the family. Our resolution is a little different.  Your WBLM morning show has pledged that in 2021, that whenever we play the Charlie Daniels Classic, "The Devil Went Down to Georgia", that we will immediately play "The Devil Went Down to Jamaica" immediately afterward. Why? because whenever we DO play the CDB Classic, we always get a MILLION calls to play the Jamaica version. So why fight it? We started playing the David Allan Coe version of the song on the Blimp Morning Show a lot in 2020. And now, we get a ton of requests for it!

If you haven't heard it or have heard it and want your own copy to hear whenever you want...here it is!


Of course, nothing beats the original rockin' Charlie Daniels Band version. Fiddles on Fire!


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