These days we just need a good laugh. Nothing heavy or with deep social meaning. Sometimes you just need to hear a filthy, filthy, dirty joke. And that's exactly what we did this morning. Now, the punchline is wayyyyy too dirty to say on the air so we had listeners call in to the studio to hear it. Then we edited out the punchline and played just the hilarious reactions from our listeners. We got HUNDREDS of calls. In fact, Tommy C and Guru are STILL getting them! If you want to hear the punchline, tune in tomorrow morning because we will be giving it out...without the joke!.  Now, if you need a laugh (and who doesn't;t right now), get ready, because it's going to be impossible NOT to laugh when you hear these listeners react to hearing the dirty joke punchline. You people are too funny and it was so good to hear nothing but good Classic Rock and Mainers cracking up all morning.

The Joke:

A woman walked into a tattoo parlor to get 2 tattoos. She wanted a Christmas tree on her left thigh and a turkey on the right thigh. When they were done the tattoo artist asked the woman why she wanted these tattoos. The woman replied.....



Do YOU have a dirty joke that we might be able to do this with? If so, call us on the Blimp listener line and try it out on us. We may use YOUR  joke next time on the WBLM Morning Show!



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