We were talking this week on the Blimp Morning Show about a guy who sold his original N64 Super Mario Brothers video game for over $100,000. What?!?! First, my mom gets rid of my priceless baseball card collection and now I'm told all those video games from 1985 that I threw out when I bought my Sega system are now WORTH SOMETHING. Arghhhhh! Anyway, Celeste got me over my mourning by playing classic rock songs in the style of classic video games. Think Super Mario Brothers meets Van Halen and you got it! At GREAT expense to the radio station ( shhhh....thank you, YouTube), we found some doozies to play for you and gave away some Kittery Trading Post gift cards for you listeners that could figure it out. And, like most games played on the show, was not hard to do. Talk about going retro! We had some requests to post these "8-bit" Classic Rock Songs and we are happy to oblige. They're pretty funny, especially when you play them back to back with the real thing.


We stared the week with this classic from Steve Miller.


Tuesday's pick was from the Noize Boyz! I think this is my favorite so far.


This is priceless. AC/DC's classic in 8-bit really sounds like it should be in a video game.


Here's today's addition. In honor of Police drummer Stewart Copeland's birthday, we give you 8-bit Roxanne.


Can't get enough of these? WE'VE GOT ZILLIONS MORE FOR YOU HERE



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