Sometimes when you go to a concert the opener and the headliner just don't make any sense being on the same bill together. Like Jimi Hendrix opening for the Monkees. Yup, that happened. We found this phone call montage from our "Best Of The Captain and Celeste" WBLM Morning Show Archives. These are listeners calling in telling us the weirdest concert lineups they ever saw. Back in the '60s and '70's you could get really crazy lineups. And for awhile putting a comic onstage before a band was a thing, which is kind of cool in a way!  Then you have bands that really want to be different, like the Stones having Prince open for them. Or Van Halen with Kool and the Gang. What?  With no concerts happening in Maine or anywhere else right now, we thought we would bring this one back. Hey, I think we would all put up with ANY concert right now, no matter how wacky the artist lineup.

Most of the calls were actually shows that Blimpsters went to. But a few of you made up your own Ultimate Concert Mis-Match. You people are fantastic!

The crazy concert lineups include:

Aerosmith and Sha-Na-Na

Rod Stewart and Black Sabbath

Rodney Dangerfield with Tom Rush

Cinderella and Nelson

Van Halen and Ziggy Marley

Yes and an hour of Loony Tunes Cartoons

Leon Redbone and George Carlin

Genesis and Benny Hill


Made up By Listeners:

Debbie Boone and the Grateful Dead

Jimmy Buffet and Steele Panther

Sinead O’Connor and Nickelback

Air Supply and Ozzy Osbourne



Here are your phone call highlights:




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