Maybe this is what we need here in Maine to get more folks on board with wearing a protective face covering in public.

I mean, come on. Look how cool our own Captain Ivy from the WBLM Morning Show is strutting toward One City Center from Monument Square in Portland with his mask on.

The studly slo-mo walking effect is really what makes it. Thanks to our friends at Lee Auto Malls for inviting our Captain to star in this great PSA.

You picked the right man for the job for sure. The only thing that might be missing is some action movie explosion special effects in the background as he walks away.


Seriously though while your WBLM DJs aren't wearing one in the studio, you can be assured that we put them on when we are out.

This is all about us doing our best to making our neighbors feel safe. One thing I believe we can all agree on is that we want this virus done and over with as soon as possible.

So hopefully more Mainers will stay on the safe side of things and wear a mask to help stop the spread.

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